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Sudan Red Sea is one of the most attractive location for vacation and relaxation. One of the most magnificent features of the Red Sea, are its beautiful coral reefs. Corals, or more precisely, their skeletons, are the main components of which reefs are built. Red Sudan in Sudan has many marine parks and island, including but not limited to Sanganeb, Dongnab, Mokowar, Sha’anab bay, …etc.

SANGANEEB: It is the sole coral reef marine park in the Red Sea. It is located about 25kms away from Portsudan in an area of 12km2.The park has a wide spectrum of marine life. it accommodates the highest colorful coral reefs in the Red Sea water. Furthermore, it has the biggest diversity in speciesat the global level. Additionally, it is the home for 300+ rare fishes, including but not limited to the Sharks, Hammer Sharks, dolphins, Tarpon fish, Giant Herring fish, several types of whales, turtles and so many of invertebrates, besides marine mammals. Last but not least, the park is amazing place for diving and has the purest ever water where visibility reaches up to 35+ meters.In 1990, the island has been recognized by United National Education and Scientific Organization [UNESCO].

DONGNAB AND MOKOWAR: These two sea islands are located 125kms north to Portsudan, with total area of 2800km2. They represent significant marine environment in the Red Sea. The islands have diversified picks of colorful coral reef, seaweeds, beaches, many types of birds and marine mammals, besides the Sharks, the sea devil and turtles as well as marine Dugong.The island is considered as the best ever home for turtles, susceptive to high risks of extinction, in the whole Red Sea.
Additional importance for the two islands is reflected of being home for huge numbers of Manta fishes. These kinds of fishes have been subject to extinction due to catching for their meat and gills. The islands have marine entrancing marine and landscapes and are considered the home for rare marine birds, marine mammals, colorful fishes and birds. In 2004, the island has been recognized by United National Education and Scientific Organization [UNESCO] as a marine park having great importance for birds.

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